Services Offered

  • In School Programs

    Neuro-science has discovered that our brains are wired to organize,‭ ‬retain and access information through story.‭ ‬Teaching through story means that students will be able to remember what is taught,‭ ‬access that information,‭ ‬and apply it more readily.‭ ‬Story aids memory because it puts information into a meaningful context,‭ ‬to which other information can be‭ “‬attached.‭” ‬Storytelling lays down the narrative or contextual track where knowledge can reside.‭ ‬It is storytelling that creates and maintains connections between isolated pieces of information.

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  • Staff Development

    Sherry Norfolk offers a wide variety of staff development opportunities for educators. She is a professional teaching artist who performs and teaches storytelling nationally and internationally.

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  • Literacy Programs

    Sherry Norfolk helps teachers, librarians and parents discover how to take advantage of the important relationship between storytelling and literacy. Her extensive experience in designing and implementing award-winning emergent and family literacy programs provides the foundation for inspiring, creative workshops and projects.

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  • Storytelling Performances

    Sherry’s storytelling is rhythmic and melodic,‭ ‬animated and exuberant,‭ ‬enlivened by a multiplicity of voices and sounds.‭ ‬A professional storyteller since‭ ‬1981,‭ ‬she tells in libraries,‭ ‬schools,‭ ‬museums and festivals all over the United States.‭ ‬No matter the age of the listener,‭ ‬Sherry’s storytelling is vivid and enticing,‭ ‬compelling listeners to look through the kaleidoscope of story into the landscape of imagination.

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  • Dynamic Duo

    Sherry Norfolk joins husband Bobby Norfolk, a renowned storyteller in his own right, for a variety of collaborative programs that entertain and enlighten.

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  • Conference Keynotes

    Sherry Norfolk is a sought-after conference presenter whose dynamic and enthusiastic style energizes and inspires her audiences. She is a popular Keynote Speaker for professional association conferences throughout the United States.

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