Storytelling Performances

Storytelling performances delight the senses

Sherry’s storytelling is rhythmic and melodic,‭ ‬animated and exuberant,‭ ‬enlivened by a multiplicity of voices and sounds.‭ ‬A professional storyteller since‭ ‬1981,‭ ‬she tells in libraries,‭ ‬schools,‭ ‬museums and festivals all over the United States.‭ ‬No matter the age of the listener,‭ ‬Sherry’s storytelling is vivid and enticing,‭ ‬compelling listeners to look through the kaleidoscope of story into the landscape of imagination.


Sherry Norfolk is an acclaimed performer,‭ ‬appearing at festivals all over the country.‭ ‬Her‭ ‬ebullient style and energetic command of stage bring a freshness to time-held folk tales and modern yarns.

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Sherry tells beautifully-crafted,‭ ‬highly interactive international folktales,‭ ‬tailored to preschool,‭ ‬school-age or family groups.‭ ‬She has been‭ ‬recognized by the Urban Libraries Council,‭ ‬the National Association of Counties,‭ ‬the American Library Association,‭ ‬and the Florida Library Association as an innovative and creative library programmer.

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School Assembly Programs

Animated,‭ ‬participatory storytelling programs fire the imagination and provide stimulating‭ ‬curriculum-based‭ ‬language experiences to engage students of all ages.

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