Sherry Norfolk is an acclaimed performer,‭ ‬appearing at festivals all over the country.‭ ‬Her‭ ‬ebullient style and energetic command of stage bring a freshness to time-held folk tales and modern yarns

  • Sherry has been featured at:‭

    • International Storytelling Center‭ – Jonesborough,‭ ‬TN
    • Singapore International Storytelling Festival‭
    • Manila International Storytelling Festival‭
    • St.‭ ‬Louis‭ (‬MO‭) ‬Storytelling Festival‭
    • Corn Island Storytelling Festival ‭ – ‭ ‬Louisville,‭ ‬KY
    • Freeport‭ (‬Bahamas‭) ‬Storytelling Festival‭
    • Smoky Mountain Storytelling Festival‭ ‭ – Pigeon Forge,‭ ‬TN‭
    • Live Oak Storytelling Festival ‭ – ‬Charleston,‭ ‬SC
    • National Storytelling Festival ‭ – ‭ ‬Jonesborough,‭ ‬TN‭ (‬Exchange Place Teller‭)

    and on‭…‬and on‭…

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