Sherry‭’‬s library background led her to storytelling as an effective means of motivating children to read,‭ ‬and her elementary education background influenced her style‭ ‬–‭ ‬full‭ ‬of rhythm and motion,‭ ‬multiple voices and opportunities for audience participation.

Some of Sherry’s library clients:

  • Anchorage Municipal Libraries,‭ ‬Anchorage,‭ ‬AK‭
  • Arizona State Library,‭ ‬Phoenix,‭ ‬AZ
  • Hawaii State Libraries,‭ ‬Oahu,‭ ‬HI‭
  • Broward County Public Library System,‭ ‬Ft.‭ ‬Lauderdale,‭ ‬FL‭
  • St.‭ ‬Louis Public Library,‭ ‬St.‭ ‬Louis,‭ ‬MO‭
  • Arapahoe County Libraries,‭ ‬Denver,‭ ‬CO‭
  • Public Libraries all over Georgia,‭ ‬Florida,‭ ‬Alabama and Louisiana‭!

Sherry creates thematic,‭ ‬interactive,‭ ‬book-related programs for all ages.‭

Here‭ ‬is a sample of her popular storytelling programs

She’ll be happy to develop a program for your specific needs:

Feathers,‭ ‬Fins,‭ ‬Fangs and Fur‭!

Creatures of land,‭ ‬sea,‭ ‬and air slither,‭ ‬scurry,‭ ‬hop and hurry through adventures and misadventures‭! ‬There’s never a dull moment as Sherry brings these exuberant tales to animated life with fun and exciting folktales,‭ ‬fairy tales,‭ ‬myths,‭ ‬legends and literary stories.

Hear That Beat‭!

A rollicking storytelling program filled with tales of rhythm,‭ ‬rhyme and music‭! ‬Highly participatory,‭ ‬fast-paced,‭ ‬and book-related‭!

Bring in the Clowns‭!

International folklore abounds in stories of fools,‭ ‬sillies,‭ ‬and jokesters‭ ‬–‭ ‬and this interactive storytelling program brings their timeless hilarity right to your library‭! ‬Full of giggles and fun‭!

Happily Ever After

Stories from long ago and far away are brought vibrantly to life in this fun-filled,‭ ‬highly interactive program,‭ ‬replete with whimsical creatures,‭ ‬daring deeds and spine-tingling adventures‭! ‬Enter the world of the imagination through the magic of storytelling‭!

Where in the World Is‭?

A fast-paced interactive romp featuring beautifully-crafted folktales from six continents,‭ ‬highlighting the people,‭ ‬animals,‭ ‬habitats and customs of diverse cultures.‭ ‬Listeners come to recognize the ways in which we are all alike,‭ ‬and appreciate and celebrate our differences.

It Takes a Thief‭!

Who stole the stars from the sky‭? ‬The soup from Tiger’s soup-pot‭? ‬The veggies from the Dancing Granny’s garden‭? ‬The diamond button from the Little Rooster‭? ‬Hear about these dastardly deeds and their doers in fun-filled,‭ ‬participatory world folktales for all ages‭!


Listen for the clues and solve these riddle stories from around the world‭! ‬For school-age‭ ‬or family audiences,‭ ‬this program challenges the brain and intrigues the imagination‭!


Some people just don’t have a clue‭…‬or DO they‭? ‬Stories of fools and their seeming foolishness abound in folktales.‭ ‬Tailored for preschool,‭ ‬elementary or family‭ ‬audiences as needed.‭

Here there be Dragons‭ (‬and Ogres,‭ ‬and witches...‭)

Offered in tandem with Bobby Norfolk,‭ ‬a magical journey into the imagination with stories of wizards and witches,‭ ‬dragons and ogres,‭ ‬heroes and heroines,‭ ‬and wise fools and foolish wise men.‭ ‬There’s never a dull moment as first Bobby,‭ ‬then Sherry,‭ ‬then both tellers take the stage to bring these medieval tales of daring deeds and misdeeds to life‭! ‬A wide variety of folktales,‭ ‬fairy tales,‭ ‬myths,‭ ‬legends and literary stories that are just plain FUN‭!