• hauntedhearts

  • Simple, potent, and direct to the heartstrings, this mix of traditional and original tales draws the listener into a transformational journey. The selfless love of the mysterious suitor in “Song of the Shepherdess” transforms him from wolf to man and back again; “Woman of the Wood” is brought to life by creativity, beauty and intelligence, but given happiness when she is allowed free choice. The six tales are woven together by traditional and original hammer dulcimer music, setting the emotional tone from one tale to the next. The stories and music lead the listener on a voyage of discovery, pursuing the elusive but priceless treasure of perfect love.

    Haunted Hearts
    by Sherry Norfolk
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    ISBN-10: 1591586941
    ISBN-13: 978-1591586944
    Pages : 342 pp.
    Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
    Published : June 22, 2009