• Anansi_Turtle

  • Anansi knows the custom that he must share his food if he has a guest at a mealtime. So when Turtle drops by before dinner, Anansi must be polite and invite Turtle to join him. Anansi, however, figures out a way to trick Turtle and keep all the food for himself. When Turtle realizes what Anansi has done, he decides to teach Anansi a lesson! In this trickster tale from Africa, Anansi learns the value of being a good host and the truth of the old saying, “what goes around, comes around.”

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    Anansi and Turtle Go to Dinner
    by Sherry Norfolk and Bobby Norfolk
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    $3.78 (Paperback) $2.99 (Kindle Edition) $2.42 (Audible)
    ISBN-10: 0874838568
    ISBN-13:  978-0874838565
    Pages : 32 pp.
    Publisher: August House
    Published: December 19, 2007