• billybutton

  • Every night when Billy Brown’s mother puts him to bed,‭ ‬she tells him to keep the covers on his bed so he doesn’t catch cold.‭ ‬And every morning when she wakes him,‭ ‬he has kicked the covers off the bed.‭ ‬Knowing how proud Billy is of his belly button,‭ ‬his mother tells him that if he doesn’t keep the covers on the bed,‭ ‬the Belly Button Beastie is going to pay him a visit and steal his belly button.‭ ‬Billy makes a critical error when he disregards his mother’s advice.

    Billy Brown and the Belly Button Beastie
    by Sherry Norfolk and Bobby Norfolk
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    ISBN-10: 0874838312
    ISBN-13: 978-0874838312
    Pages : 32 pp.
    Publisher: August House
    Published : December 19, 2007