• This book is about the intersection of storytelling and science. Recognizing that humans are hard-wired for narrative, this collection of new essays integrates the two in a special way to teach science in the K–6 classroom. As science education changes its focus to concepts that bridge various disciplines, along with science and engineering practices, storytelling offers opportunities to enhance the science classroom. Lesson plans are provided, each presenting a story, its alignment with science (Next Generation Science Standards), language arts (Common Core State Standards) and theater arts standards (National Core Arts Standards). Instructional plans include a rationale, preparation, activities and assessment.

    Science with Storytelling: Strategies for the K-5 Classroom
    by Jane Stenson, Sherry Norfolk, and Lynette Ford
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    ISBN-10:  0786498188
    ISBN-13: 978-0786498185
    Pages : 308 pp.
    Publisher: McFarland
    Published: November 22, 2016