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Communication Artistry: Storytelling and Creative Writing

Participants progress from hearing to creating, writing, revising, publishing, and telling stories following time-tested folktale patterns. Grades 2-12



As storytellers, students have the opportunity to do it all – read, compose, listen, and speak. They have fun experimenting with voice, facial expressions, emotion, and gestures that make the story “just right” for telling. As they present their story, the art of listening becomes a two way street. By using good eye contact and “reading” body language young ‘tellers communicate with their audience. That’s not all! The activities and skills that they learn will be used across the curriculum and throughout life. 3rd-12th grade.

Hear it! Tell it ! Learn It!

A communications arts residency for K-1. Listening, speaking, reading and writing are the cornerstones of literacy, and all four of these elements are addressed in this action-packed residency! Students will hear stories being told and learn to re-tell them in large groups, small groups and individually. Putting their knowledge of the story structure to work, the classes will create new stories, using their phonemic skills to spell sound effects and recognize vocabulary. Students develop storyboard versions of their new story to share!

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