Sherry Norfolk

Storyteller, author, arts integration specialist, teaching artist.

Sherry offers ALL performances, residencies and PD workshops in person or lively, interactive VIRTUAL FORMAT!!


Sherry specializes in a variety of publications all geared to the development of children through the art of storytelling

Engaging Community through Storytelling


Storytelling Strategies

Science with Storytelling





Sherry is always professional, positive, and knowledgeable.  The students and teachers of our school love working with her to write and perform stories.  Any organization would be lucky to have a teaching artist of Sherry Norfolk’s caliber working with them!

Kelly Farr, Teacher, Knoxville, TN



I believe that all children have the right and the ability to learn, and that it is the responsibility of the teacher to identify and implement the strategies that enable that learning for each child.


I believe that children deserve educational equity: not one-size-fits-all classrooms, but classrooms where differences are celebrated, and appropriate differentiation is provided.


I believe that Arts Integration provides myriad points of entry and options for attaining, retaining and demonstrating knowledge and understanding.


I believe that learning should and can be joyful, meaningful and active, and that the arts are the catalyst and engine of that experience.


I believe that teachers and students are partners in the learning environment, and that they are all learning and growing together.