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Sherry Norfolk enthralls audiences from the International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough, TN, to the stages of the Singapore International Storytelling Festival — to your stage!

Some of the programs she offers (each tailored for specific audiences and ages):

Spine Tinglers

Sherry’s well-crafted adaptations of multicultural ghost and gross stories are for the stout of heart…mwa-ha-ha! 

Tricksters and Underdogs

Anansi the Spider, Brer Rabbit, Raven, Kantchil the Mousedeer – a diverse assortment of underdogs who solve their problems with brains instead of brawn!

Look! Up in the Sky!

From solar eclipses to shooting stars, these world myths and legends reflect and expand our wonderings about the sun, moon and stars.

You Don’t Know Jack!

Jack is always seeking his fortune…but what will he meet up with this time? A giant? A ghost? Sherry’s fresh versions of these Appalachian tales reintroduce you to Jack! 

Around the World and Back Again

Explore the world through these beautifully crafted and respectfully told folktale adaptations from a wide variety of cultures!

Boo-Tickle Tales

Not-so-scary stories that tickle the funnybone for the youngest listeners!

Moral of the Story

There are lessons to be learned in every story – and these tales, told with humor and fun, get the message across in non-didactic but effective ways!

Why, why, why?

From the beginning of time, people have asked “Why?” and “How?” Sherry’s vibrant retellings of global pourquoi tales explore the imagined origins of our world and its inhabitants.


Upon Request: Sherry is always happy to develop a program to meet your specific needs – just ask!


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