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1,000 stories

the power of storytelling IN pre-K classrooms with Sherry Norfolk

“Experts tell us that children need to hear a thousand stories read aloud before they can learn to read for themselves.” – Mem Fox, Reading Magic (Harcourt, 2001)

When stories come to school, everybody wins. The teacher gains a valid and useful approach to teaching; students find an avenue for learning that nourishes their imaginative and intellectual life. Administrators see educational priorities being met in innovative ways, and parents observe their children growing in confidence and enjoying school.

Sherry custom-designs engaging, developmentally-appropriate storytelling programs for preschool. Each program is interactive, providing participatory options for kinesthetic, auditory and visual learners and developing deeper comprehension and retention of the stories.

Some options…

This is just a sampler – Sherry is happy to develop programs that specifically meet your curricular needs.

Around the World: Folktales, songs and fingerplays from a wide variety of cultures!

Boo-Tickle Tales: Not-so-scary stories that tickle the funnybone!

Bugs & Creepy Crawlers: Stories of ants, grasshoppers, butterflies and worms!

Down on the Farm: Old MacDonald and all of his animals romp through these stories!

In, On & Around the Pond: Fun with frogs, fish, ducks and more!

Into the Woods: Folktales, songs and fingerplays about bears and bunnies and moose.

It’s for the Birds: Feathered friends from around the world in folktales and literature.

Jump & Jiggle: Hop, skip, wiggle and jiggle through these very active tales and songs!

Music, Music. Music! Dance, sing, listen and learn about the magic of music!

Trouble Sleeping: What’s keeping us up at night? Reassuring stories and songs…

Weather Watchers: Tales about snow, rain, wind and sunshine.

What’s to Eat? Stories about food and the critters who love to eat it!


Sherry also offers DHSS-approved professional development sessions for staff, as well as fun and informative parent workshops.

Pre K

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